RealtyCrunch is being acquired by The Real Brokerage Inc.

We are excited to announce that RealtyCrunch will be joining The Real Brokerage Inc.

It was almost a year ago (but it feels like 10) when I wrote this first blog post . We entered the industry as complete outsiders, we were not agents. We had no experience running a brokerage. However, we did come with a passion to just make the buy, sell or rent process easy! We came in having faced the pain as home buyers and investors and wanted to make it simple for that home buyer. We wanted to make it fun and not this dreaded miserable experience!

Real ( is a technology-powered real estate brokerage in 22 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Real is on a mission to make agents’ lives better, creating financial opportunities for agents through higher commission splits, best-in-class technology, revenue sharing and equity incentives.

When I met with Tamir Poleg, the CEO and co-founder of Real a few years ago, two things were very clear from the start. We both share a passion for technology, along with a vision that the real estate industry could be vastly improved with better technology. We also believe that the real estate agent is at the heart of a successful to a real estate transaction, and if we improve the technology and tools for the agent and the consumers, we could improve the overall buying and selling experience. We’re excited to bring the knowledge we’ve gained at RealtyCrunch to Real and help the team at Real grow to new heights.

So we’re excited to bring the knowledge we’ve gained at RealtyCrunch to Real and help Real grow to new heights.

What does this mean for you as a RealtyCrunch user?

On 11th January 2021, we will be retiring the RealtyCrunch service. You will still have access to the platform and be able to download your data until the end of the month. If you are using our forms feature you will not be able to send new forms or sign forms using our service. We will offer you a bulk data download tool in a few days where you will be able to download all signed forms.

As part of the acquisition, Real is not acquiring any customer data. We will be deleting all data at the end of January 2021.

We are incredibly humbled and thankful for the support we got from agents and partners across the country, especially in a difficult 2020 year. We are proud of this decision and look forward to working hard to create new products that are as fun to use and used by 1000s of agents with passion!

The RealtyCrunch Team

Secure Document Sharing!

Like I had promised! we are on a feature marathon!

Today I want to announce the our secure file/document exchange feature of RealtyCrunch.

At RealtyCrunch, we believe in keeping things SIMPLE! Here is how it works

  1. Add your client.
  2. Click on Send Files
  3. Drag and drop your files.


SECURITY: EVERYTHING is encrypted in storage and on transit. There is no direct link to the files, a new link gets generated and destroyed post download. It is absolutely one of THE most secure ways to exchange files with your customer. NOBODY can access to it, even US!

Don’t believe it? Watch the video below. Even better, see how you can do it on your phone too…

Enjoy and tell us what you think!

The Real Estate Operating System

5 months ago we started our journey perfecting the collaborative process of discovering properties and talking about them, you can catch up here ..

Today I am personally excited to elaborate on the next phase of our company!

When we started the company, we thought about a real estate journey as

  1. Discovery
  2. Education
  3. Decision buy/sell/rent
  4. Transaction

We took a stab at discovery and wrote all about it here

We have learnt a LOT and have iterated on the product quite a bit.

Between Jan 15th and now, the whole world was upended as Covid19 came along. It made us fundamentally rethink our product and strategy going forward. Most of what we are launching today was on our roadmap, we just had to rethink the timing. Today we are launching everything we wanted to do in June 2021. I am super proud of our engineering team, who spent countless hours coding and collaborating to achieve these results in under 3 months.

So here it goes…

We see a relationship between and agent and a “client” (buyer/seller) as a SUPER synergetic and a collaborative one. Let’s pick up where we left off, now that a client has picked a property to buy or sell, now what? Do you go back to email and texting? That does not really make any sense to us.. We started our whole journey to bring collaboration to real estate.

So here is what we built!

Once a client is ready to buy/sell/rent, with one click you can start a “transaction”

And you get this….

We have carefully and meticulously curated a series of steps that happen in a purchase/rental or a selling of a property.

Lets break this down in to pieces

At each step, you collaborate on

  1. Who is going to do the work!
  2. When?
  3. Have a detailed checklist (see below)
  4. Learn what you need to do know for that step in a transaction!
  5. AND Of course be able to chat with collaborators on each step!

Notice the detailed checklist and the “read more” next to it. Each of the check list item educates you on things you may or may not know! Buying/Selling/Renting real estate is a NON-trivial thing people do. It is a SUPER tedious and boring process, and we are trying to make this fun and informative!

RealtyCrunch will take care of all the messages, status updates, push notifications etc. EVERYONE can now stay on the same page!

As an agent you might say, “hey I have my own process!”.

Of course, We realize that.. enter “Transaction Templates”. Spend 10 mins with RealtyCrunch, create your own template and share that template with your clients! We build a very detailed template, however, we know there are subtle differences between doing a transaction in NYC vs LA, California! We will elaborate on this topic in a separate blog post, for now, enjoy our transaction feature!

Finally, it ends in our unified inbox, we wrote about it . All the conversations between properties, transactions across ALL your clients are consolidated in one SINGLE place. You WILL NOT miss a single conversation and you will have all the context you need to keep up with each conversation!

GIVE IT A GO, what do you go to lose? 🤷 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Wall chats and streamlined inbox!

We are learning as we go along, when collaborating over properties we learnt it was super helpful to be able put your chat and comments on each property. HOWEVER, when comes to general discussion such as “Hey guys I just put three more properties on the wall”, there was no good place for it.

Well now there is!

All real estate agent communication streamlined into one place!

Enter “Wall Chat”.

Chat about properties in one place!

With wall chats, you can now quickly pick the wall you want to leave a message for and just type away! All the collaborators on the wall will now get push notifications and emails and the conversations is still relevant and contextual!

As an agent, when you look at this view, you get a quick view into all the conversations with a specific family or a group of co-purchasers in one quick view.

Along with wall chat, you now also have a way to upload generic documents and files in the file vault for the wall.

Upload files and share with real estate buyers!

Give it a shot and send us some feedback!